Why your next vacation should be to the Black Hills?

When most start to plan their vacations, they think about San Francisco or New York, but we think your next summer vacation to be to the Black Hills! 

Why the Black Hills? Well, first off, it’s affordable. Our modestly priced hotels and cabins will be roomy and comfortable for your whole family without the price tag of something similar, or smaller, than in a city. If you are coming from a coast, pack the family in the car and make it a cross-country road trip that your kids will talk about for decades to come.  

Come see some of our country’s greatest attractions, from Mount Rushmore to Keystone. Ever see those Wall Drug billboards advertising 5 cent coffee? Well, come taste it for yourself. We’ve also got great hiking and driving trails that will get your family away from the screens and into nature.  

In South Dakota, you will learn about the rich history and traditions of several Native American tribes local to the area. Also, learn more about Lewis and Clark’s great expedition to the west and why they loved the Dakotas.  

The best part about South Dakota and the Black Hills is the people. Come say hi to some of our locals and learn why many who grew up here would never think of going anywhere else.  

So, next summer, make the Black Hills your destination for relaxation, fun, and adventure.